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At Fredette Photography we know that your wedding day involves much more than just walking down the isle. There are all the preparations, getting ready, the ceremony, and finally the celebration afterwards at your reception. We provide a relaxed approach to telling your wedding story that will put you at ease and allow you to truly enjoy your special day.

We stress a natural shooting style that doesn’t leave anything out. We watch your story unfold and capture all its flavors: quiet times, stunning details, unique personalities and couple’s personal visions. We get classic favorites in a cool way. We even make informal family portraits fun. That means no stiff necks or fake smiles to look at in your living room for years on end. We may have you run down the middle of the street, or stroll down a beach while we snap the shutter, but the results are utterly amazing.

Of course wedding coverage would not be complete without exceptional group photography for the sake of your family history. For each level of coverage, formal photographs of the couple, wedding party, parents, and immediate families are quickly and masterfully created, often in a session lasting just 15 minutes.

Our goal is to create a photo essay of images that blend fine-art photography, editorial images, and relaxed casual portraits. If you want an unobtrusive photographer to quietly document your wedding with photographs that tell the real story, you’ve come to the right place.

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